Are there any UI-based Choropleth (Pref Google Maps-based) Apps - google-maps

I'd prefer a Google Maps based app, ideally where I could feed it city names and values (e.g., population) and the generated choropleth will be colored in intensity/hue/etc according to given values for each city. Google seems to know where the demarcation lines are for any city, as they are displayed in Google Search Knowledge Panel (see attachment).
Something UI-based would be best, but open to other options.


Street and Road names in Google Map

I would like to retrieve all the road and street names, if i enters a area in search box. Is that possible in Google API ?
I have checked List of all street and road names in Google in API for solution, but there it is been given for auto complete box and the request is not for my requirement.
Also I learnt that Open Street Maps provide us these data, unfortunately I would like to perform some operations based upon the Google API's. So can you suggest me a way, otherthan OSM.
Google Maps API does not provide such functionality. However, there is a Google Maps Roads API which is one of their premium paid APIs which lets you query nearest road names and other road metadata. You can check that out here:
You can also try Overpass-Turbo ( which lets you query OSM data. You can set the bounds and the OSM tags you are interested in.

How to add custom POIs to google maps navigation

I am a happy user of Android system and constantly using Google Maps Navigation (betta). So far you can add layers with different POIs (shops, banks, gas stations, etc.) on the map while drive. My question is if there is an API exist to add your own layer (with your customized POIs) to be displayed in Google Map Navigation (not just google map) while you drive or walk.
Thanks in advance.

Obtaining a list of cities from geocode without a map - Maps API Terms of Service License Restrictions [closed]

My mobile App needs to give the user the possibility to select a city in a cities list.
Google geocode has proven very good. For example, I can use the french "Londres" for London or the Italian "Parigi" for Paris.
But the usage limits ( say that I cannot use it without a map. Using a map on this part of my app would be confusing and slow too. I use google maps in other parts of my app.
I know there is another Google API to get the list of locations and all one needs to display is a Google logo but I cannot remember which API it is.
Is there a way to bypass this restriction
You might want to have a look at the Places Autocomplete API. I believe you can use it without a map provided you include the Google logo (which is included by default).

Embed Google Map with search bar

I'd like to create a Google map with a search box to embed into my site. I've already created the custom map with my markers via my google maps account.
Unfortunately the html embedded maps don't include a search box within a map, so I believe I need the Google API. All I need a map with a search box and zoom (zoom seems there by default), so that I can add places of interest (clubs in my case) from my Google account. I would like visitors to be able to type a place of interest in the search box, and it will take them to that location on the map, and show local clubs nearby.
I've already spent some time looking for examples, so that I can modify it to suit my needs, but have not found something similar. My programming skills are quite limited, so I'm looking for a simple solution.
Can anyone point me in the right direction here please?
Use the Places Autocomplete along with custom controls.
This might help another users for head start.
I have written a script that has two search boxes with Google place search auto completion and then It calculates the route and shows on the map.
Below is example link. (just download it and open in browser)
Google Place Search & Calculate route between two locations
You may add a text box to your page and get content from the text box. This is independent from Google map.

Google map search using KML

i am using google map kml field (direct iframe code from gmap)
for showing different locations/shops on map:
Google map #my site,
i need to add a search box from where user can search nearest shops to his/her location...
can any body help me in this out..
It is my understanding that the API does not provide support for searching your provided KML:
google maps API geocode finds nearby KML
Google provides a service called placesService ( ) which lets you make requests to their database of content and return results in the form of KML near a location within some bounded area - but to my knowledge you cannot specify the source to search. (You could try testing the placesService, with a KML layer set on your map and see if it includes your data).
Assuming you are generating your KML from a database, can you could regenerate it appropriately filtered or styled based on the user's search terms. This seems the most likely solution without additional details.
I have done google map search with python. But this one searches hospitals
You need to get google place api and place in code and reconfigure for search,
it will print out name, location address, and website