Send source PC or laptop stream(content of PC or laptop) to target PC or laptop - video-streaming

I want to send source PC or laptop stream(content of PC or laptop) to target PC or laptop.
I know that software like VNC, Teamviewer will help.
However, I want to use hardware. Theoretically, I wish to have a connector(not sure video capture card) that can connect to my source PC or laptop via
DVI or DP port. This connector will have output on DVI or DP port that can be connected to target PC or laptop where I can process the source PC or laptop stream.
Is this possible? Are there any connectors available in the market?
Any help will be appreciated.


how to connect two PC's one with ubuntu OS other one with Windows 7 Os using USB-USB Bridged Cable [closed]

I need to write a C/C++ program in ubuntu machine to send a text file to a Drive in Windows 7 machine. The text file is to be passed from Ubuntu machine to Windows7 machine using the USB-USB Bridge cable
Which cable i should buy.... how to write the c program...
Can any one help..
Those USB Bridge cables tend to emulate a network anyway, I would just use an ethernet cable and ftp/smb/whatever transfer protocol.

Microsoft Network Monitor 3.4 - Set wifi channel in Monitor Mode with WDK and NDIS

I'm writing a program (C++) which will detect devices around me using Wi-fi on Windows OS.
In order to do that I'm using WDK and NDIS to switch the wireless network adapter to monitor mode in the following way:
. . . ,
Does anyone know how to set a specific channel to monitor? I would appreciate a code sample.

Use communication channel in Wind River VxWorks Simulator

I have a host PC and a target hardware. On the host PC, I have .NET application and on the target I have a real time process, the target and the host communicates using Ethernet channel.
What I want to do now is to run the real time process on the vxsim.
Is there a way to make the process (running on vxsim) communicate with the .NET application that runs on the same PC.
I use VxWorks 6.6 and Workbench 3.0
You can run vxsim on your Windows machine and communicate with it over IP using simnet. See the VxWorks Simulator userguide for how to set this up.
For this you would need a vxworks simulator that can be provided in full source code format which then can be compiled with hooks using .NET native tools. Such a simulator is provided by MapuSoft:

Wince Device Driver

I am trying to connect my POS Terminal(WinCE Secure Multi-Application Operating System,200 MHz ARM 920T 32 bit CPU) to my windows 7 PC. The issue is i am getting a device driver software issue and the device is not been recognized. I didn't got any installation CD or software with the product.I couldn't find a suitable driver for the same in the web and would need to install the CAB files through WMDC into the device so that i can automate the product testing. Can someone please advice in fixing this driver issue and direct me on how to establish the connection. Any help is highly appreciated.
This can be a complex task. First, the connection type (serial, USB, Ethernet, other) is important. I'm going to assume USB, as that feels like what you're probably talking about (you should edit and clarify though).
For USB to work, you need drivers on both ends - the device and the PC - and they need to cooperate. For Windows CE devices and USB, the common way (though not only option) is to use ActiveSync. There is an out-of-the-box client application driver for Windows CE (repllog.exe) - though it requires the OEM actually plumbs it through to the transport driver. For the desktop (Vista and later) you would use Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC).
You might simply be able to install WMDC and you're off and running, but it's always possible that the OEM disabled that, since you might not want someone to connect a PC to a POS system and subvert the normal operation. Have you asked the device OEM?

Windows CE 6 Device will not connect to PC

So, ive got a EPC 7" Netbook things (Smartbook) and it just does not want to connect.
Ive got Active Sync 4.5 running on a Win XP SP3 PC, and it just says the connection is unavaliable. Ive tried 2 USB Cables, and still nothing.
Do i need to run something on my device to start the connection going?
Windows Embedded CE v6.0
Windows XP Home Service Pack 3
USB Cable
I'm not familiar with this specific device. Do you have a users manual that states ActiveSync is supposed to work with it? Understand, Windows CE is a componentized OS and there's nothing that says that an OEM has to include any specific part of the OS catalog. It's quite possible that ActiveSync isn't part of the OS.
If it does exist in the OS, there will be a file named repllog.exe in the \Windows folder. You might try manually running it when you've connected