heroku support for Adobe experience management - heroku

We are planning to use Heroku for one of our client who has mobile (Android and IOS) and desktop apps built on Adobe Experience Management. Can someone please let me know if it is possible? if yes, is there any documentation, solution approach available for the same.
Thanks in Advance.


Need a simple guide on how to integrate the adobecreativesdk on an Ionic multi platform app

I am working on a multi platform application on Ionic, and would like to integrate the adobecreativesdk. I have not found that much information in how to achieved this and was hoping for some guidance.
You might have a look at the Creative SDK plugins for PhoneGap, which should be compatible with Ionic.
The instructions themselves are for PhoneGap, but there may be enough info in the READMEs to help you get going.

Is there any means of using a GIS (Geographic Information System) in Apache Cordova?

I am planning to create a GIS based systems, and I want to use it in mobile approach using Apache Cordova or Phonegap. Is this even possible? Can you give me some clue or a place to start?
Thank you!

how to port android native apps into blackberry OS 10

I developed an native android application. Now i want to import the application in BlackBerry 10. Please help and also let me know whether i will get any functional or technical issues while importing as well as while deploying into app store.
Thanks In advance.
Here is the information you want on official BlackBerry Developer site.

Layer 7 Mobile App Development Platform

Just wanted to check to see if CA Layer 7 has any mobile app development platform? I am trying to find if there is any but couldn't. I saw only Mobile API access solutions from Layer7.
has anyone known and used any mobile app development platform from CA?
I think this should help you : CA Mobile API Gateway
reference: http://www.ca.com/us/securecenter/ca-mobile-api-gateway.aspx
We are planning to trial this API this month, I would update this answer again with the review.
I really feel afraid using these APIs related to the security from the mobile because the applications are so sensitive even a "." on these API can create havoc.
And also, I don't know how secure the mobile connections would be but let's give a try on test servers!
Does the Layer7 Mobile Access Gateway help you? The latest MAG (2.0, I think) works with Layer7 8.0.

How to develop a cross-platform QR Code reader?

I need to build a mobile application which is able to compare data in a remote database [e.g login system] and also get a string from a QR Code. I have zero experience developing mobile applications, but found two interesting tools. PhoneGap and Mosync.
I know there is a few PhoneGap plugins for PhoneGap [like this https://github.com/phonegap/phonegap-plugins/blob/master/iPhone/BarcodeScanner/README.md ]. But it seems to be for iOS only. Or am I wrong?
I know that zxing has a cpp port. It's possible to use it to develop the application using Mosync?
I have much more experience with C/C++ than javascript, for me would be much easier to do the work using Mosync. However, PhoneGap seems much more complete. Any recommendation for this job?
Actually the same github project has BarcodeScanner plugin for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry:
iOS Plugin
BlackBerry Plugin
I have not worked with Mosync so have no idea about it. On the other hand PhoneGap is easy to use and it has wide user base so easy to get help also. Although it may still be a learning curve for you due to your background.
All above links are pointing to DEPRECATED branch of the phonegap-plugins which you can visit here. #David has mentioned the link below for the plugins repository to download the latest plugins.
I work at MoSync, and as it happens, we've done some work recently with various kinds of barcode scanning :) Ping us at #MoSyncTeam on Twitter, drop a mail to patrick mosync.com, or use our forum and we'll help you out, and answer any questions you might have about MoSync.