how to interface baumer camera or kinect V2 with opencv? - opencv

I have the program for opencv that works with the webcam.
But I am finding it difficult to use opencv with Kinect camera or Baumer camera.
I want to know how to interface Baumer camera or Kinect V2 with opencv?


How can I access FLIR One Pro camera with OpenNI or PCL?

I have FLIR One Pro thermal camera. I would like to understand thermal imaging and OpenNI + PCL (Point Cloud Library) usage.
1.Any body accessed FLIR thermal image with OpenNI or PCL?
2.Is it possible to get 3D points from thermal image ?
3.How to get 3D points from thermal images using OpenNI or PCL or Both. ?
4.Is it possible to draw skeleton using thermal image ?
I would like to understand better about basic OpenNI, PCL, FLIR and skeleton drawing. Please do let me know, if my questions are not relevant or not compatible to the libraries.

Does the camera need to be re calibrated again on restart / OPENCV

I have been doing camera calibration of my webcam using opencv (later to be used on mini cameras) and am wondering doing I need to run the camera calibration program every time I start up my camera? Is there a way to permanently set the calibrated values, also does the distortion coefficients depend on how the chessboard (used for calibration) position in front of the camera vary ?

fish-eye analog camera calibration

I have an fish-eye analog camera connected with a usb video grabber that I would like to calibrate using the fish-eye module of opencv
when taking the sequence the camera produces interlaced video sequence
my two questions are
1- is interlacing leads to poor calibration
2- if I deinterlace my images before the calibration, the camera matrices will be correct

SQ11 Crazypony Mini Camera & OpenCV

Has anybody attempted any kind of object tracking, singular or stereo vision with these cameras or interfaced them in any way with opencv?

How to get the aperture angle from a webcam with OpenCV?

I'm capturing the webcam images with OpenCV and C++ and tracking the persons face. So my problem is that I need the aperture angle to calculate the position of the person. How to get this angle?
You need to calibrate your camera using a standard calibration target like a chessboard. Look here for the OpenCV camera calibration API.