How to run a background service in xamarin.forms app? - xamarin.forms

Is it possible to a run a background service in Xamarin.Forms app which will keep doing some tasks in the background ?


Check if cordova app was launched in background mode

I know there already is an answer to know if app is actually in background or foreground mode: how to check app running in foreground or background in ionic/cordova/phonegap
The problem is we don't know if the app has been launched in background (like on a VoIP push notification) or normally (in foreground).
The solution I linked assume the app is foreground by default. How would we know if the app has been started background?

How could I run Ionic1 Application in background mode?

How could I run Cordova / Ionic 1 Application in background mode even if I close the application, like What's app ?
I want to take the acceleration of the user's device in the background every 5 seconds and then send the values to backend system.
I tried katzer application it doesn't make the required.
Because when I close the application, its no longer in the background mode.

Can Cordova/Phonegap app be started without invoking UI

I am wondering if its possible to start a Cordova App without invoking any UI to the screen, so the app starts in the background?
If there are any plugin that does that?
I am trying to figure if it is possible so then a push notification can start up the app in the background without bringing it to the foreground everything.
you can see this cordova plugin :
works on ios and android

Cordova / Phonegap webview running in background

When using Cordova, I'm told that the web view (that is where the UI runs) does not run when the app is in the background. I'm testing the Bluetooth plugin on iOS. When I test it and put the app in the background, the Javascript in the webview seems to run alright. So I'm intrigued. How about Android? Any case where web view does not run when app is in the background?
You can run an app in background by using the background plugin.

Ionic background service when app killed

I need to run a background service in my Ionic application. I checked a plugin
but this plugin only works when app is in background, when app is killed it does not work. If anyone have any idea please tell me.
when the app go to background its start play media in the background
so is like he full the device that he have process in the background