Raspberry pi 3 : motion keeps running, “sudo service motion stop” doesn't work - video-streaming

I am developing a web application on my raspberry pi 3. I was facing issues with the use of fswebcam (for capturing pictures) and motion for live streaming video from a webcam.
I reinstalled motion video server. Since the fresh motion installation of motion my webcam remains on and the command "sudo motion service stop" doesn't work. I have to kill the process to stop it.
If anyone has an idea I will be pleased!
Thank you.


Catch video from wifi source

Simply a want to see on VLC (or similar software on windows) a streaming video that is generated by a drone connected to the PC via wifi.
Drone: "Bugs 2W"
Android app to do this: "Bugs go"
I try to install Android emulator on my win10 and it found: i play app and see video..but it is expensive! (some users with older PCs told me that streaming is slow)
Can i catch the video streaming and show it on VLC? What is the method to do this?
Thanks in advance!
Yes you can. Use the ffmpeg command to create stream, the url on which you stream can be used to display the video in vlc.
You can use this command for streaming:
ffmpeg -i /dev/video0 -f mjpeg udp://IP_ADDRESS:PORT
Further use this command to view the stream:
vlc udp://#IP_ADDRESS:PORT

POSBox image in a raspberry pi3, how does it work with an HDMI screen?

I installed the POSBox image in a raspberry pi3, everything worked great, now I would like to use that rp as a graphic POS and connect some HDMI screen and a printer to it..
I could see that there is no graphic interface installed by default in the POSBox image.
shoulod I install a graphic interface on the raspberry pi3?
Thanks in advance!

Android emulator does not start webcam for camera

I can't use my laptop webcam as emulators camera. When I launch the camera from emulator, it show force closed. Console shows:
emulator: ERROR: _camera_client_query_start: Cannot start camera 'AndroidEmulatorVC0' for NV21[640x480]: No error
I assigned 200mb for sd card in emulator
and configured back camera to webcam0, front camera to none.
And I checked my webcam with other windows applications (e.g. Skype). No issue in webcam driver.
I want to take picture from my app in emulator - what should I do?

How to stream video from ubuntu to XBMC? [closed]

Does anyone know how to stream video from ubuntu 12.10 to XBMC media center (running on raspberry pi). I know I can enable the AirPlay on the XBMC, but couldn't figure how to stream the video from ubuntu. I've tried to AirPlay plugin for Totem, but it didn't work.
I have done this successfully with my Ubuntu Studio 12.10 workstation and tablets/laptops running XBMC on Linux or Android.
You will need either:
1) a DLNA-compatible content server (such as PLEX) running on your Ubuntu workstation/server to feed your Raspberry PI XBMC client ; or
2) an SMB (Samba) share on your Ubuntu system that your XMBC client on the Raspberry PI can scan for compatible media.
Of the two, I recommend the Plex option.
You can also check out this integration of Plex and XBMC here: Plex Add-on for XBMC

Red5 with OpenCv - What do you think?

I have a opencv application tracking head from webcam.
I like to have something which will transfer live video stream of webcam to server where opencv program is running.
Opencv program manipulating image and transferring it to web-browser.
I have looked at
1. Red5 - (http://wiki.red5.org/wiki/Install)
2. jquery Webcam - (http://www.xarg.org/project/jquery-webcam-plugin/)
3. nimbb - (http://nimbb.com/Help/Api.aspx)
4. crtmpserver - (http://rtmpd.org) as #ciphor suggested
1 Red5 - I was getting build error when I am trying to install.(Now its working fine)
2 jquery Webcam - Is very slow I can't think of getting a video stream.(I don't want to use this)
3 nimbb - Is paid service so I have not looked at it.
4 crtmpserver - As Red5 worked I am no more interested
Please give me an idea which one to use.
If you thing Red5 is best give me tutorial to install (only if you have successfully installed it)
Please Help.
My suggestion is crtmpserver - (http://www.rtmpd.com/ )
The installation is quite easy on Linux systems, using cmake.
This software supports RTMP, RTSP, MPEG-TS protocols.