Transpose columns to rows, create and fill rows [on hold] - excel

I have an Excel file that has 3 columns of parameters and a column with all instances that meet these parameters, ranging from 2 to 85, one in each column. I need to turn this into a structured database that contains the 3 parameters meeted by each instance:


Resize a table automatically in Excel

I have an excel to register the results of particles in cleanrooms. That excel consist in a table with 3 columns and 39 rows (the most big cleanroom have this quantity of points). The first columns only contains correlative number (1 2 3 4 5...). So, I want to find a method to automatically resize the table based in a value of another cell in the same sheet.
For example, if I put a 10 in this cell, that the table, automatically, have 3 columns and 10 rows (if it is possible, the first column having the correlative numeration)
That you so much for your help. I can't put an example because I'm writing on my phone.

Highlighting rows based on UPI VBA

I have several rows of data(appx 3000 rows), with 18 columns in each row. I'm trying to highlight all the rows having duplicates in the UPI fields, ie. the fields which will together be used to determine the uniqueness of each row.
For example, if I have the following rows having data:
Columns 1 and 3 are the UPIs. This means that A, C combined mean that I have a duplicate here.
I need to implement the same in VBA.
I developed a code where it will highlight all cells in the first UPI column(say colA), and then check only the corresponding rows in Column C, and so on. But 12 out of my 18 columns are UPI columns, and the program length, as well as the execution time, is way too much.
I need a simpler solution. TIA!

Looping through rows in excel

I'm trying to create an excel spreadsheet in which I can selected a meal that I'll eat (with Y), which will sum certain macronutrient values for all selected meals.
In particular, for the first three rows, my formula will look like this:
Is there a way I can extend this to check through 20, 50, 100 or more rows without typing out the IF statement for each row?

Copy row if specific value in same column but from many spreadsheets

I currently have 8 spreadsheets within a workbook. I wish to search all column A's from every spreadsheet for a specific term or name, let's say 'John', then produce a new spreadsheet (called 'John') containing all of those rows data within spreadsheets 1-8.
So if he had row 2,5,7 from spreadsheet 1, row 4,8,12 from spreadsheet 3, row 5 from spreadsheet 6, etc. I would have a spreadsheet with a total of 7 rows.
I would then like to repeat this for 'Dave' & 'Sally' etc. Each time creating a new spreadsheet for each individual search term.
Basically spreadsheets 1-8 are product based, then I wish to create a 'Salesperson' based spreadsheet from that data.

Plot data in separate column

I have two collection of data in two separate column (column 1 and column 4). Both of the column separate by other column contain some collection of data (column 2 and 3). I just need to plot the data in the column 4 as a function of the data in column 1, and not the data from column 2 and 3. How to accomplish this in microsoft excel 2007?
Then, is there any way to do this with vba code?
This solution is based on Excel 2007.
If the data is fixed (i.e., additional values are not periodically added below the current data range):
Select the data in Column 1
Ctrl-select the data in Column 4
From the Insert tab select your favorite type of Scatter chart
Add titles as desired
If the data is not fixed you'll want to take advantage of dynamic range names. Create dynamic range names for your data in Column 1 & Column 4, then modify the Chart definition to use the range names for both horizontal and vertical axes.